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About Us

With Hugs and Kisses was created out of the need to find uniquely personalised children’s products. After the birth of my first son, I was looking for custom made and personalised toys for him. Most products I could find were generic and mass produced and lacked that personal touch.

My desire to find special unique products for my little boy led to me creating them myself. Initially, I began making soft toys for him and then went on to make him a personalised toy box. From there on, any other product that came into mind.

Friends and family then also began to take an interest in the products and would ask if I could make some of the personalised toys and toyboxes for their children or to give to other friends' children as gifts.

Over time, I decided to share my these unque , personalised products with everyone and thus With Hugs and Kisses was created. It has grown from strength to strength and now offers several personalised children’s products from photo frames, clocks and toy boxes through to clothes.

Each item is unique as it is individual, handmade and can be personalised to suit your needs.